Free Electric…well, sort of

Travels in Review 2019 Part 2

We decided this time when going out on the road it would be a little different than compared to our camping styles with the Tiffin motorhome. We wanted to experience the aspect of off grid living or what the RV world calls “Boondocking”; no water, no sewer or electric hookup services.

Our Outdoor RV travel trailer carries enough water to last us a week, that’s if we do not take a shower during that time! The big issue comes down to electric power, the coffee maker, hair dryer, cell phones and computers that we’ve taken for granted when connected to the grid.

So that left us with either using a very long extension cord and plugging into our house or cutting that cord and looking skyward for our energy, and so began our solar adventure.

It was a huge undertaking considering I’m by no means an electrical engineer! I spent hours reading, following other rv owner’s blogs and with Mark’s help, to date, it is still producing electricity!

Probably the big take away with the project of adding solar to your RV… if you are camping in a “National Forest” you will most likely need a generator… No sun means No solar!

Next up: Fast and Furious!

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