About Us

Three years ago we decided to take the plunge and start living in an RV.  This was inspired by reading many blogs, researching the lifestyle and watching YouTube videos. We saw others who were also looking for more out of life or just a different way of living.  Don’t get me wrong, we refurbished an older home in Florida and love the sunny weather and beaches, but we also wanted to travel and see the States and Canada. We felt “let’s do this” while our health was good and we could enjoy the hiking, biking and kayaking.

These past three years evolved into Gerry being able to work remotely on the road.  This has given us the freedom to visit family in Indiana, Florida and Texas and still do what we love by traveling the states. 

Last Summer, we had the opportunity to volunteer at Great Sand Dunes National Park. I worked in the Interpretive Visitor Center answering questions and working with Junior Ranger Program. Gerry assisted with the Dark Sky evening telescope programs. We both enjoyed our time there immensely and benefited from what we learned about the park, the surrounding community and the night sky. It was a positive experience that has us wanting to travel more and work in the environment of a National Park.

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